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Star Wars Crochet - yarn used

I've been getting a few requests recently asking about the yarn I used to make the 12 patterns in my Star Wars book, so here are all the details. I live in the UK, so that's where I get all my yarn from. I use double knitting (DK) weight yarn, equivalent to 3:light weight in the US, and 8 ply in Australia/NZ - there's a yarn thickness guide on Ravelry which is very helpful.
If you can't get hold of the yarns listed below, you can at least look at them in an online store such as Wool Warehouse or LoveCrochet, which might help you find equivalents closer to home.

I used mostly Hayfield Bonus DK, including Black (965) and White (961) for many of the characters. Here's the list of the yarn used for each character individually, not including black and white yarn:

Boba Fett: Hayfield Bonus DK, Orchard (904), Rustic Red (891), Dark Grey Mix (790), Light Grey Mix (814), Pumpkin (766), Robin DK Rust (26)

C-3PO: Hayfield Bonus DK, wheat (816), Robin Paintbox DK, Leopardskin (197) (possible alternative for gold, Hayfield Bonus DK, Pumpkin (766)) 

Chewbacca: Hayfield DK with wool, brogue (92) for the darker colour, and Hayfield Bonus DK , walnut (927) for the lighter colour. Alternative lighter colour, Robin DK Honey (0129)Bandolier, Hayfield Bonus DK Copper (843) and Light Grey Mix (814)

Darth Vader: Hayfield Bonus DK, Light Grey Mix (814), Emerald (916), Signal Red (977) or Classic Red (833), Dark Grey Mix (790)

Wicket the Ewok: Hayfield DK with wool, brogue (92) and Hayfield Bonus DK Copper (843) and Oatmeal (964)

Han Solo: Hayfield Bonus DK, Chocolate Brown (947), Fleshtone (963), Pine (761), Cream (812), Rustic Red (891) or Classic Red (833)

Jabba the Hutt: Hayfield Bonus DK, orchard (904) and wheat (816)

Luke Skywalker (Jedi): Hayfield Bonus DK, Wheat (816), Fleshtone (963), Dark Grey Mix (790), Lightsaber, Bright Green (886) or Robin DK Cordial (162), Light Grey Mix (814)

Princess Leia: Robin DK Brown (051), Hayfield Bonus DK Fleshtone (963), Light Grey Mix (814) and Rustic Red (891) or Classic Red (833)

R2-D2: Hayfield Bonus DK, Royal (979), Light Grey Mix (814) or Robin DK Silver (027)

Yoda: (note, the green I used is not available anymore, these are possible alternatives) Paintbox Yarns simply DK, Slate Green or Hayfield Bonus DK, Grass (825), Chocolate Brown (947), Oatmeal (964) or Hayfield DK with wool, Sand (091)

I know that seems like an awful lot of different yarns, but a lot of them are repeated for different characters, and I used slightly different tones of yarn where you could use the same one if you want to economise, so here are the main colours of yarn you need:

Pale Green for Yoda: Hayfield Bonus DK, Grass (825)

Green for Jabba and Boba Fett: Hayfield Bonus DK, orchard (904)

Pale skin colour for Leia, Han and Luke: Hayfield Bonus DK, Fleshtone (963)

Flaxen gold/blond colour for C-3PO, Jabba's face and Luke's hair: Hayfield Bonus DK, Wheat (816)

Light Brown for Chewbacca: Hayfield Bonus DK, walnut (927)

Brown for Chewbacca and Wicket: Hayfield DK with wool, brogue (92)

Brown for Han's hair and Yoda's body: Hayfield Bonus DK, Chocolate Brown (947)

Dark Brown for Leia's hair: Robin DK Brown (051)
(You could just use the same shade of brown for Han and Leia's hair)

Two shades of grey used for many of the characters, you could just use one of them: Dark Grey Mix (790), Light Grey Mix (814)

Light Beige for Yoda's robe and Wicket's feet: Oatmeal (964) or Hayfield DK with wool, Sand (091)

Rust Brown for Wicket's hood and Chewy's bandolier: Hayfield Bonus DK Copper (843) - similar to Robin DK Rust (26) used for Boba Fett so could use either.

Royal Blue for R2-D2: Hayfield Bonus DK, Royal (979)

Dark Blue for Han's trousers: Hayfield Bonus DK, Pine (761)

Cream for Han's shirt, could substitute white: Hayfield Bonus DK, Cream (812)

Red for Boba Fett's helmet, can be used for side of Han's trousers and Leia's lips: Hayfield Bonus DK, Rustic Red (891)

Then there are a few yarns that you only need a very small amount of, such as the variegated brown yarn for C-3PO's middle (Robin Paintbox DK, Leopardskin (197)), the dark yellow on Boba Fett's costume (Hayfield Bonus DK, Pumpkin (766)), the bright red and greens used for the buttons on Darth Vader and his and Luke's lightsabers.

I hope that list is some help, just ask if you have any questions.

****New information, March 2017****

Now that Star Wars Even More Crochet is out, here are all the yarns I used for the second set of characters (again, not including black and white):

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Hayfield Bonus DK, Silver Grey (838), Fleshtone (963), Chocolate Brown (947), Oatmeal (964) or Alpine (942) or Robin DK Oatmeal (035).

Admiral Ackbar: Hayfield Bonus DK, Copper (843), Aran (993), Sunflower (978), Silver Grey (838).

Jawa: Hayfield Bonus DK, Chocolate Brown (947) for cloak and Hayfield DK with wool (shade 92, brogue) for feet.

Poe Dameron: Hayfield Bonus DK, Chocolate Brown (947), Oatmeal (964), Dark Grey Mix (790), Light Grey Mix (814), Classic Red (833), Robin DK Cinnamon (131).

BB-8: Hayfield Bonus DK, Silver Grey (838), Bright Orange (981).

Cantina Band: Hayfield Bonus DK, Fleshtone (963), Dark Grey Mix (790), Silver Grey (838), Walnut (927).

Lando: Hayfield Bonus DK, Walnut (927), Bluebell (969), Pumpkin (766).

Rey: Hayfield Bonus DK, Chocolate Brown (947), Fleshtone (963), Oatmeal (964), Walnut (927), Hayfield DK with wool, brogue (92), Silver Grey (838), Turquoise (998).

Greedo: Hayfield Bonus DK, Duck Egg (723), Spearmint (727), Silver Grey (838), Primrose (957), Robin DK Mustard (136).

Nien Nunb: Hayfield Bonus DK, Fleshtone (963), Walnut (927), Robin DK Cinnamon (131).

Finn: Hayfield Bonus DK, Walnut (927), Dark Grey Mix (790), Robin DK Honey (129), Cinnamon (131).

Kylo Ren: Hayfield Bonus DK, Dark Grey Mix (790), Silver Grey (838), Signal Red (977)


Joy said...

Thank you for putting this's very helpful!!! For US followers, I was able to find most of these yarns on

skybriscoe said...

Thank you so much!!!

LucyRavenscar said...

No problem :) I've ordered from LoveKnitting before, they're really good.

Lina said...

Hi Lucy, I bought your Star Wars kit recently and am currently working on Yoda. It is my first time crocheting and I'm really enjoying it. I was able to get through most of it with the help of YouTube videos but I'm stuck on his robe. Specifically, Row 3 "work 5 sc around ch 5". Cannot figure out how to do this. Love your kit and would love to finish this project!

LucyRavenscar said...

Hi Lina, instead of working your stitches into the chain, you work around it, mainly because it's easier. Put your hook under the chain, yarn over and pull the hook back over the chain. Yarn over and pull through both loops on hook. Essentially you're treating the space under the length of chain as the top of the stitches you normally insert your hook under.

Lina said...

Thanks Lucy, I guess I'm not understanding where "ch 5" is at this point. Am I to count back 5 chains from what I've already stitched; or count forward to the 5th chain? Sorry, I've tried to look it up but can't find anything to help me.

Lina said...

Nevermind Lucy, I figured it out! Thank you!

LucyRavenscar said...

Ah, good! The ch 5 is from the previous row.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on Marvel characters, I got the Star Wars kit for Christmas and love it

LucyRavenscar said...

Thanks! I'm not working on patterns from any other films/TV shows at the moment, though if a publisher wanted me to do them for a book I'd be very interested.

Elizabeth said...

My grandson loved his yoda and I loved making him. On to the stormtrooper!

Laurel said...

Thank you so much! I bought this kit to make star wars characters for my fiance and his kids, but I soon learned the kit only came with some materials. I've been struggling to try and find yarn to make the rest. As well as the eyes. Where can I find those?

Now I at least know what to look for which is fantastic. The book certainly doesn't specify like most patterns.

Lizbeth Davis said...

Laurel, I don't know if you are in the US, but I get my eyes off amazon. They are cheap and they are shipped quickly!

LucyRavenscar said...

Laurel, the book didn't specify the yarns because I'm in the UK using yarns sourced here, and the book was published in the US. If you're looking for places to buy safety eyes, try this list:

Laurel Stafford said...

I'm in Canada but I can get stuff from amazon. Thanks for your suggestions guys

Anonymous said...

I got this kit for Christmas from my dad. My favorite so far is Chewbacca. He turned out so cute. Been doing amigurumi for years and this is my first fluffy doll. it was really fun to make. Anyways. just wanted to say I am loving the patterns so far and I am having an easy time with them. I am making them a little bigger though using Red Heart Super Saver and a 4.25 mm hook. Thanks!

LucyRavenscar said...

Cool, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Joanna Goh said...

Thank you for this list! Just what I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

I got your kit, and I love it, mine was made with Medium worsted yarn (#4) mostly Red Heart Yarn and hook 4.00 mm (G/6), and my question to you: how do you sew the arms to the body, folded flat both ides together or circular (open and sew around the edge)

LucyRavenscar said...

I have used both methods to sew arms on before, but for the figures in the book I left the ends of the arms open and sewed around the edge. I found it a bit less fiddly than the other method, but either would work, so you could use whichever you prefer.

sarebeth said...

Hi Lucy! I bought your kit to make my first attempt at amigurumi although I was a bit apprehensive. Started with Yoda and all is going well until Rnd 20. Not only am I not understanding the BLO I'm unsure about the part of 'around until you get to the marked stitch.' Does this mean I'm SC around the back of Yoda and then doing the 2 3dc pops at the end of the row? Thanks!!

LucyRavenscar said...

Hi! BLO means back loop only, so you work into the loop furthest away from you at the top of each stitch, leaving a line around your work. In rnd 20 you're making Yoda's feet, 3 x 3dc pop making up each foot. You need to make sure the feet are evenly spaced by counting back from the front middle of the figure as described in the pattern. So, you'll sc around until you get to the point where the first foot should be. If the feet end up in the wrong place, check that you've counted back the right number of stitches from the middle.

Hannah Louise said...

Hi Lucy, I've got a quick question - I started my collection with the separate Admiral Ackbar pattern I bought from Etsy (I'm in the UK and it took me a while to source the book at a reasonable price over here and I was desperate to get going) - I made him from my stash of DK yarn (a mixture of Stylecraft and Hayfield) and was really pleased with the results. I've just started Yoda with the yarn in the kit and this looks/feels a lot thinner than my DK yarns - do you think these patterns would work with 4 ply yarn? I'm finding it easier to see what I'm doing with the thinner yarn and the tension is still nice and tight (I'm using a 3.5mm hook and my tension is naturally quite tight I guess!)

Letty CariƱo said...

Hi Lucy, I just bought your book, wich I found amazing !! Already did yoda, Stormtrooper and R2-D2, since I´m from Mexico, I bought a yarn that here that is working great. My only problem is the eyes: just can´t find that size anywhere, I looked in Amazon and they have either 7mm or 8 mm, not 7.5. Which one could work best or, where do you get yours ??

I´ll appreciate any comments as my Son, daughter and even my grandson are waiting for their own collection !!



LucyRavenscar said...

I think either size would work, they're not much bigger or smaller than the ones I used. If you're figures are coming out a bit bigger than the sizes listed in the book, then go for 8mm, if they're coming out smaller, then go for 7mm. If they're about the same, then it's just taste as to whether you want slightly larger or smaller eyes. There's a useful list of suppliers of safety eyes all over the world here:

LucyRavenscar said...

Hannah Louise, I would have said 4 ply was just too thin with a 3.5mm hook, but if you're finding that it works okay, go for it! As long as the stitches are tight enough and don't show the stuffing, that's fine.

Vanessat said...

Hi Lucy, You have been so helpful with my questions about your patterns and I thought others could benefit from this next question, hence I'm asking in your blog.
With Jabba the Hutt, round 19, I am a bit confused. I left a tail of yarn from round 18, am I supposed to use this to hold the folded rounds together? Or do I bring in new yarn?
I'm uncertain also if round 19 is started on the inside tying round 18 to 15 to hold the fold together, it would have been great to see a photo in the book to show this. Any help would be amazing:)

LucyRavenscar said...

Rounds 16 - 18 overhang the rest of the body. When you've completed the body you sew the edge of this part to the body, the instructions for that are at the end of the Jabba pattern. Let me know if that doesn't make sense.

Vanessat said...

Thank you! That makes fold it back so that you can work into round 15 without it getting in the way! And you work in BLO simply because the back loop is raised a bit and more visible from the rest of the rounds. :)

LucyRavenscar said...

That's it :)

Jet Keating said...

Hi Lucy, thank you for this kit. I'd never crocheted before. I bought my kit last year from spotlight in Sydney Aust. thinking it would be a cute present for my husband... Put it this way... I am no longer doing it for him. Stormtrooper, Yoda, Chewy, Wicket, Leia and Jabba are all sitting in our loungeroom on display. And now I have two blankets in the making, an entire Pinterest board and zero time or desire to do anything else :) but I love it. Thank you.

LucyRavenscar said...

Hi Jet, that's so cool to hear that the Star Wars book has inspired a love for crochet. In my opinion, it's one of the best obsessions to have!

groden1h said...

So excited for Star Wars 2. Can you please update this list of yarn brand/colors? Some of the Hayfield DK colors have changed.

LucyRavenscar said...

I do try to update with any changes I know about, if I can find good alternatives. Otherwise it's useful to see what the original yarn was, you can usually find a picture of it somewhere online, and then see if you can find an alternative in a totally different brand.

Are there any particular colours you have found that are unavailable? I know that there seems to be a lack of russet colours around in the basic DK brands at the moment, and I haven't found any good alternatives yet.

Karen said...

This is so very helpful.

Thank you very Lucy.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.


Miranda said...

LOVE your patterns! Can they be made using #4 worsted weight acrylic yarn? Or will that throw off the dimensions of the project? Leia has a bit of a cone head. ;)

LucyRavenscar said...

I've seen lots of people use the very slightly thicker #4 yarn (and perhaps a hook one size larger) to make them and they seem to turn out fine. I think the way you crochet, and how tight you make it, has more effect.

Amy said...

Hi Lucy! I want to say how much fun I'm having with the Star Wars crochet kit. I am new to crocheting and have taught myself almost exclusively with this kit. I am excited for the new Star Wars kit coming in March.
With that being said, I am currently working on R2D2 and noticed that the picture in the book shows his front wheel, but there are no instructions for that part in the book. I don't know if my book might be missing a page or if that was not included. Could you please provide input.

LucyRavenscar said...

Thanks Amy, and it's great to hear that someone completely new to crochet can manage the patterns in the book.

The middle 'leg' of R2 is part of his body. From round 19 onwards, after making the main cylinder shape of his body, you decrease and then increase to make the 'leg'.

Amy said...

Thank you so much! I see where I missed it now.

Colin said...

Hi Lucy! Love your work. Learned to crochet on one of your Totoro patterns and am currently working through the first Star Wars installment. Re: Wicket's legs: The ~12" of brown yarn that gets threaded through to the front, is that from the tag end when changing to tan (i.e. still attached)? Any additional tips on defining the legs, hiding tag ends, etc?

LucyRavenscar said...

Hi Colin, yes, when you change to the beige yarn to make the feet, make sure you leave 12" of the brown yarn when you cut it so you can use it to define the legs. When you do that, I find it useful to mark the mid point between the feet and the opposite point at the back with pins, then when you're threading the yarn backwards and forwards you can see where you want the line between the legs to go. With any stuffed figures it's quite easy to get rid of the ends of yarn. Just sew them through the body one last time after you've done any sewing together of parts, etc, and then cut the yarn so that the end goes back inside the body.

Justine Hallas said...

Hi! I saw your free crochet pattern in of the ewok. Your use of yarn in him compared to the book seems different. What brand mohair yarn did you use?

LucyRavenscar said...

My free Wicket the Ewok pattern is totally different to the one in the book, it's much bigger for starters. I used a greyish mohair/alpaca mix yarn for the face that is no longer available, unfortunately. If you can't find anything similar, I would use a tweedy light grey/brown yarn, something like Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed in Mole:

Briony said...

Hi Lucy, I'm having lots of fun with your patterns. Quick question about round 27 with Princess Leia. I understand sc in BLO, but when do I stop stitching in BLO? Do I also do 3dc in BLO? Or after the 3dc (as normal), do I continue the rest of the round in BLO? Is every following round in BLO or do they revert back to normal?
Basically, can you tell me when to stop stitching in BLO, perhaps it's obvious but would love to have it clear in my head. Thanks tonnes!

LucyRavenscar said...

Hi Briony, work the whole round in BLO. When I write patterns, if I put 'BLO' at the start of a round, I mean it for the whole round. However, I can see that, since this is a slightly more complicated round, it might not be so obvious.

Briony said...

Thanks Lucy, this is what I finally decided to do, but it's great to have you confirm it!